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We are clean beauty cosmetic chemists

Founded by Krupa Koestline, our clean beauty cosmetic chemists understand the importance of innovation in today’s competitive and saturated beauty market. Savvy modern consumers demand effective products created with thoughtful innovations and safer formulations that are free of green-, clean-, and science-washing. It’s no longer about formulating products only with simple chemistry in mind. Rather, the effects active ingredients have on the entire body’s biology and health must be considered to be truly holistic.

Our chemists formulate clean beauty products rooted in science, free of ingredients and processes with questionable safety

Based on the latest research in cosmetic chemistry, environmental science, and skin and body biology, we refuse to take shortcuts in developing products. As a result, our products are designed to be safe for consumers and the planet.

Meet Krupa Koestline

Clean Cosmetic Chemist, Ayurvedic Practitioner, and Founder of KKT Innovation Labs

Clean Cosmetic Chemist Krupa Koestline has created award-winning formulations with breakthrough technology for brands like Kopari, May Lindstrom Skin, and Tower 28. A thought leader, trend forecaster, and industry pioneer in Clean Beauty, Krupa has merged her background in biology, biochemistry, and biotechnology with her lifelong practice of Ayurveda. Krupa also consults for brands and retailers on improving their Clean Beauty guidelines based on the latest research in ingredient safety, environmental impact, and sustainability impact.

Starting her 10+ year career at Estee Lauder and Neutrogena, Krupa pivoted her focus to creating safer products. Krupa saw firsthand the impact of potentially harmful ingredients used in personal care products. Today, Krupa continues to revolutionize clean beauty. By taking inspiration from an array of industries ranging from food and wellness to even automobiles and toys, Krupa is able to design breakthrough products, from skincare masks with a radical preservation system to new moisturizers with a better penetration technology.

As a thought leader in the clean beauty space, Krupa strives to dispel myths and misinformation around clean beauty, see through convenient marketing tactics and buzzwords, and forecast insights into the next trendy ingredient. In 2021 Krupa was appointed to Credo’s Clean Beauty Council

Prior to KKT Innovation Labs, Krupa’s corporate roles include VP of Product Development at a leading US manufacturing company and Chief Product Officer at Pure Haven. Krupa holds a Master of Science degree in Biology, a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology, as well as a Business Certificate in Marketing from Cornell University. She is active in organizations such as the Organic Trade Association, Natural Products Association, Green Chemistry Council, and the Society of Cosmetic Chemists.